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  At From the Field Trading Company, we offer hand-crafted Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, vanilla extracts, and pure ground vanilla powder for customers under our LAFAZA label. We are proud to work directly with Madagascar growers cooperatives to bring our customers only vanilla beans that are highest quality, sustainably grown, and ethically traded. Our vanilla beans are sun-cured and 100% all-natural. Shop Now!  
  Types of Vanilla Beans  

Gourmet A-1 Beans: Our A-1 vanilla beans represent some of the finest vanilla available. They are excellent in fragrance and appearance, and were made with pure love of quality. These beans have a deep brown coloration are plump and full of tiny vanilla seeds. Buy Now

Gourmet A-1 Super-Long Beans: These vanilla beans are truly the "cream of the crop" from our annual harvest. FTF Super-Long beans are premium grade, with intoxicating aroma and delicious flavor. These beans are between 7 and 9 inches in length, our gourmet house specialty! Buy Now

Chef's Choice A-2 Beans: Our "Chef's Choice" vanilla beans are deeply aromatic, with deep reddish black coloration in the vanilla pod. With a slightly lower moisture content than the A-1, these A-2's are every bit an equal in fragrance and flavor. Great for every-day baking, grinding, infusion, or home made vanilla extract. Buy Now

Grade B "Red" Beans: FTF carries all grades of Madagascar vanilla beans including Grade B vanilla, sometimes referred to as "red" or "extract grade" vanilla. These beans have lower moisture content than A Grade beans, and the pods may be split with a red/black coloration. Please email us directly for Grade B vanilla:


All our vanilla products are grown and cured naturally, without artificial fertilizers, pesticides or chemical additives.

If you would like more information on our products or company, please contact us. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your beans!

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