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At FTF, we offer gourmet quality, hand-selected, single-origin Bourbon vanilla beans that we source directly from small-scale growers in Madagascar. Our clients include gourmet chocolate makers, fine dining restaurants, home chefs, and others who appreciate quality products sourced in an equitable manner. All of our beans are cultivated naturally, without chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

These delicious beans are wonderful to use, and make a great addition to desserts, sauces, drinks and baked goods. Try substituting real vanilla beans for vanilla extract in any recipe, or use our vanilla beans to make your own gourmet extract.


We are happy to work with our clients to match them with the vanilla beans that best meet their specific culinary, retail or bulk ingredient needs. Through our on-line store, you can purchase gourmet vanilla beans in quantities ranging from orders of 5 beans up to 1 pound. We can also work with clients to arrange weekly, bi-monthly or monthly shipments, and we can provide quotes for bulk orders or for other vanilla bean qualities, such as extract beans. If you are interested in learning more about these services, please submit a Wholesale Request Form.

Our vanilla beans are packaged to assure product quality and to provide a safe trip to your doorstep during shipping. Once you have opened your vanilla beans, store them wrapped in wax paper in a glass jar or sealed container to optimize their shelf life. Properly stored vanilla beans can last for many months without loss of quality.

Thank you for your interest in our sustainable vanilla beans. We look forward to serving you.


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“I bought some beans from you a couple of years ago and stored them in canning jars, they are still just as fresh as when I got them. I canned some peaches putting one bean in each jar, WOW what a great taste, vanilla peaches! Who would have ever thought that a little bean could have made such a difference? Thanks for a great product!”

– Dale,
Indianapolis, IN

“The quality of these Bourbon vanilla beans is beautiful, the aroma absolutely intoxicating, and the price is incredibly low... The aromas were of vanilla, for sure, but reached deeper to cocoa, spices, and a heady breath of brandy... I tried it in some desserts, where the more pronounced and defined vanilla flavor in these fresh beans blew away any thought of going back to store-bought extracts.”

- Alex Meier-Tomkins
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